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UK Tour 2017            

Tour News

Swan Athletic Caversham Cricket Club

Tour of the Motherland 2017

Departing July 15 and finishing August 4th, the touring party will play 9 games, of varying formats, against teams from Liverpool, Birmingham, York, Scarborough and Wales. With a strong touring squad, and some veteran presence, the boys is sure to put in a good showing, and represent Swan Athletic well.

Tour Results

SACCC dec 6/314

Carmel & Districts all out 78 off 43 overs              

SACCC win by 236 runs

Man of the Match

Chad Davey 106 n.o.

Bowling figures:

Hutton 1/15 off 11 overs

Saliacus 0/9 off 4 overs

Alvaro 2/7 off 8 overs

Turrell 1/8 off 6 overs

Pavlinovich 2/16 off 7 overs

Hampson 1/6 off 3 overs

Claxon 3/6 off 4 overs

Game at Ormskirk CC.

One of the strong clubs in the whole of England

and our boys put up a great effort in our T20.


Ormskirk 5/179

Claxon 1/32 from his 4 overs

Polich 0/15 from his 4 over and a run out

Swan Ath 6/164

Gilbert 49

Davey 39 not out

Polich 37

Scores from our rain interrupted one day fixture against Neston CC on Sunday.

We ended up playing 30 overs aside. Ath taking the W to square the ledger with the Shrimpers 1-1. Scores were:

Neston CC - 8/186

Hutton 1/20 off his 4 overs

Turrell 1/10 off his 3 overs

Hampson 2/15 off his 3 overs

Swan Ath - 6/187

Hampson 42

Hughes 39

Polich 34 not out

Results from our 30/30 game against Liverpool CC.

Good win for the boys at one of the oldest grounds in England.

It is an amazing place to play cricket!

Liverpool CC - 8/120

Stockden 3/17

Claxon 2/14

Pavlinovich 2/15

SACCC - 6/125

Gilbert 43

Pavlinovich 21 not out

Results from our T20 match against York CC.

A great win for us against a quality outfit at another lovely ground.

York batted first and posted 8/152

Pavlinovich 4/26

Polich 1/14

SACCC in reply 3/153

Polich 70

Turrell 67 not out

Unfortunately our one day fixture against Scarborough

was called off due to the weather leading into the day.

The wicket block needed to be looked after as Yorkshire

are playing a county fixture there in the coming days.

The boys were pretty flat as their ground is one of the

premier grounds in the UK. Off to Leeds for the weekend

 and then Birmingham on Monday for another T20

The boys were back at it again with another T20 this

evening against Four Oak Saints CC from the Warwickshire

league. We chalked up another solid win making it 5 wins

from 7 games with our last game coming up on Wednesday.

Four Oaks batted first and posted 9/147

Alvaro 3/23

Gilbert 2/23

Saliacus 2/30

Stockden 1/20

Turrell 1/22

SACCC in reply 3/148 in 14.4 overs

Hampson 49 not out

Saliacus 46

Utley 20

Hughes 17 not out

Results from our T20 against Aston Unity in wet conditions.

Aston unity batted first and posted 7/106

Alvaro 2/17

Polich 1/11 and a run out

Turrell 1/14

Saliacus 1/22

Hutton 1/24

In reply SACCC 3/109

Polich 40

Hughes 13

Hampson 13 not out

Turrell 19

Stockden 17 not out

Stockden with the winning runs to complete our tour of the UK with a 6 win and 2 loss record.

Thank you to all the clubs for hosting us. An unbelievable experience that our boys will never forget.




Tour Sponsors

Alpha 1 Contracting

Davey Family

David Pavlinovich


Hutton Family Trust

Ian & Wendy Claxon

Jim Saliacus / Laurie Gelmi

Swan Athletic Football Boys

The Kenney

The Vignerons

Utley Family