Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club
Swan Athletic Sporting Club

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The Swan Athletic Football Club is located in the Swan Valley Region of Western Australia at McDonald Street, Herne Hill. It has been competing in various Australian Rules football competitions since 1930.

From 1930 to 1968 the Swan Athletic Football Club was known as the Herne Hill Football Club. In 1969 the club joined the Swan Athletic Sporting Club Inc and became known as Swan Athletic Football Club.

From 1930 to 1949 the club competed on a Social basis against other clubs.

From 1950 to 1953 the club competed in the Hills Association

From 1954 to 1956 the club competed in the Sunday League

From 1957 to 1968 the club completed in the South Midlands Association

In 1969 the club rejoined the Hills Association and competed there until 1978. Since 1979 the club has been competing in the Western Australian Amateur Football League (WAAFL). From 1979 in the Sunday Division and from 1984 to the present in the WAAFL Saturday Competition.

In 2011, the club was successful in earning promotion to the Western Australian Amateur Football League (WAAFL) 'A Grade’ competition.  This is the elite competition in the WAAFL and considered the next level competition after the Western Australian Football League (‘WAFL’).

In 2017, Swan Athletic will be fielding 5 teams in the WAAFL. 'B Grade’ League, Reserves, 2 colts teams in Drew Banfield and Brett Jones competitions and an 'E Grade’ league team.



Herne Hill Football Club Premierships


Year     Association

1950     Hills Association

1951     Hills Association

1952     Hills Association

1953     Hills Association

1956     Hills Association

1957     South Midland Association

1958     South Midland Association

1959     South Midland Association

1960     South Midland Association                     

1961     South Midland Association

1962     South Midland Association

1963     South Midland Association

1964     South Midland Association

1965     South Midland Association

1966     South Midland Association

1967     South Midland Association

1968     South Midland Association

Swan Athletic Football Club Premierships


Year     Association

1969     Hills Association

1970     Hills Association

1972     Hills Association

1973     Hills Association

1974     Hills Association

1975     Hills Association

1976     Hills Association

1977     Hills Association                                                                        

1978     Hills Association            

1980     WAAFL Sunday Division             

1985     WAAFL D Grade

1987     WAAFL C Grade

1989     WAAFL I Grade

1992     WAAFL B Colts

1993     WAAFL B Colts

1995     WAAFL B Grade, E Grade

2003     WAAFL E Grade

2004     WAAFL B Reserves, E Grade

2007     WAAFL B Colts

2015     WAAFL B Reserves


          Fairest and Best

                  League                                    Reserves                                     Colts       

Year     Val Pervan Medal                    Paul Spanjich Medal               Bruce Douglas Memorial Trophy

1972     John Yukich                              

1973     Steve Rakich                             

1974     Ian Taylor                                  

1975     John Bozich                              

1976     Peter Hodgson                           

1977     Lou Erceg                                 

1978     Brian Bozich                              

1979     Lou Erceg                                 

1980     Paul Pavlinovich                                     

1981     David Pavlinovich                                    

1982     Peter Nuich                               

1983     Dennis Volk                               

1984     Steven Bertoli                            Peter Mulder                  

1985     Dennis Volk                               David Skidmore              

1986     Peter Nuich                               David Skidmore                          Ian Trager          

1987     Matthew Viskovich                     Brad Gordon                              John Sangalli     

1988     Steven Bertoli                            Darren Lammers                        Chris Milentis    

1989     Steven Bertoli                            John Petrich                              Paul Allison & Mark Volk            

1990     Paul Andrijich                            Graeme Johnston &                   Mark Volk

                                                            Paul Scibila       

1991     Steven Bertoli                            Ian Trager                                  Manus Walsh & Steven Ostojich

1992     Todd Martin                               Darren Lammers                        Jeff Beros          

1993     David Johnston                          Ian Trager                                  Justin Williams  

1994     Adam Matson                            Ian Trager                                  Brad Smith & Michael Yukich     

1995     Adam Matson                            Ian Trager                                  Andrew Townsend          

1996     Mathew Pope                            Paul Andrijich                            Mark Baldachino            

1997     David Johnston                          Paul Andrijich                            Niall Quinn        

1998     David Johnston                          Chad Kavanagh                          Michael Posa    

1999     Michael Scarfone                       Darren Marshall                         Ben Botica        

2000     David Johnston &                       Paul Andrijich                            Russell White

            Michael Scarfone                       

2001     David Johnston                          Glen Bryant                               Paul Griffin        

2002     Michael Scarfone                       Paul Andrijich                            Lee Kernaghan  

2003     Andrew Davini                            Stuart Campbell                         John Corbit        

2004     Justin Williams                          Paul Andrijich                            Luke Brown       

2005     Justin Williams                          Andrew O'Brien                          Luke Pavlinovich            

2006     Justin Williams                          Matthew Pope                           Matthew Lawler  

2007     Jamie Pollock                            Andrew Townsend                      Brian Hinkley

2008     Adam Erceg                              Adam Whitehouse                     Cameron Manuel

2009     Brendan O'Donnell                     Michael Scarfone                       Reece Hutton

2010     Cameron Manuel                        Michael Scarfone                       Stanley Harrison

2011     Ben Ker                                    John Scanlan                             Travis Latham                            

2012     Abdulrahim Rohizat                    Brian Hinkley                             William Green

2013     Abdulrahim Rohizat                    Trevor Dhu                                 Christopher Best

2014     Arron Russell                             Brian Hinkley                             Justin Rutherford

2015     Brent McPherson                       Carl Scarfone                             Wesley Bielawski

2016     Jeremy Polich                            Steven Schorer                          Daniel Grey

2017     Chevy Andersen                         Luke McPherson                        Jack Hunter


Year     League                                    Reserves                                  Colts                            

1991     Silvio Lombardi                                                                          

1992     Steven Rowe                             

1997     Tim MacPherson                                    

1998     Daniel DeNicolis                                    

1999     Cory Taylor                                            

2000     Troy Johnson                             

2001     Russell White     

2002     Russell White

2003     Ray Brown

2004     Russell White

2005     Russell White

2006     Paul Andrijich                

2007     Steven Coverly

2008     Russell White

2009     Russell White                            Paul Andijich

2010     Robert Ryan &                           Adam Matson

            Russell White    

2011     Steven De La Nougerede            George May                                                  

2012     Luke Northcott                           Paul Andrijich

2013     Kiaran Lever

2014     Daniel Andrijich                          Carl Pedrotti,

                                                            Brendon Shanahan

2015     Daniel Andrijich

2016     Kiaren Lever

2017     Steven Quaglia                                                                          Maia Beale

          Life Members


1983     Val Pervan, Ian Taylor, John Bozich, Greg Beales, Tom Pivac, Jeff Radisich, Richard Taylor, Brian Rakich

1985     Philip Page, Brian Bozich, David Pavlinovich

1986     Alan Ralph

1989     Tony Kundid

1990     Valdo Sorgiovanni, Matt Viskovich, Lou Erceg

1992     Graeme Yukich, Troy Bozich, Jeff Thorne, Steve Bertoli

1993     Brian Stanicich, Len Katich, Ralph Cipro

1994     Shane Bozich, Ned Erceg, Gary Turkich, Maurie Yelas

1995     Gary Adams, Kim Yukich

1997     John Petrich

1998     David O’Dea, Paul Scarfone, Brad Gordon, Mark Volk, Paul Andrijich

1999     Graeme Johnston, Allan Pohara,  Peter Nuich, Ian Trager

2000     Glen Bryant

2001     Adrian Bozich, Chad Kavanagh, Paul Spanjich, Tony Bozich

2002     David Johnston, Michael Yukich, Wayne Murray, Chris Milentis

2003     Dennis Volk, Jamie Pollock, Matthew Pope, Noel Johnstone

2004     Shane Mauger, Jeff Beros, David Borg

2005     Jason Bates, Paul Robinson, Troy Johnson, Darren Mullooly

2006     Dean Byrne, Andrew Townsend, Manus Walsh, Garth Bates, Michael Scarfone

2007     Russell White, Travis White, John Scanlon, Justin Williams

2010     Allan Bullock, Stuart Bates, Craig Pearce, Robert Wynhorst

2011     Sam Cavicchio, Paul Griffin, Andrew Davini

2012     Mark Schorer, Adam Matson

2014     Benjamin Ker, George May

2015     Stephen Coverley, Adam Erceg, Jeremy Polich

2016     Ashley Chaulk, Chad Davey, Adam Desmond, Steven Quaglia

2017     Daniel Andrijich, Tom Dawson, Jamie Sharman, Matthew Lawler

          Football Club Contacts

President                              Steven Bertoli (stevenbertoli@iinet.au) - mobile: 0400 401 146

Vice President                      Michael Yukich

Secretary                              Desi O'Kane

Treasurer                               Tom Dawson

Registrar                               Desi O'Kane


Committee                            Brad Jose

                                            Ben Stockden

                                            Jason Toogood

                                            Jamie Sharman

                                            Stephen Beirouti

                                            Micheal Scarfone

                                            Trent Davies

Senior Coach                        Jai Menegola          0433 886 071

Reserves Coach                   Luke Pratt               0405 193 697

Colts Coach                         Jason Borg             0400 352 420

Thirds Coach                        Sam Cavicchio        0417 952 637





Club merchandise available Thursday nights only.  Terms are cash only.

Retro Tracksuit Top                                $75.00

Shorts (Black/White) with club logo         $30.00

Club Sports Bag                                    $30.00

Running Shorts                                      $30.00

Beanies                                                $30.00

SA Cap's, Flat Top and Base Ball            $20.00

Club Socks*                                          $15.00

*Socks are Gold and Black Hoops (Richmond) and can be purchased from Slater - Gartell Sports once our stocks run out.


Club Polo Shirt (style may vary) - $40.00

Training Singlet - $25.00

Stubby Holder - $5.00

available from club bar

Club Tie - $35.00



        Leading Goalscorer

Year    Name                                     Goals                         Association                          Grade

1979   Brian Bozich                          38                                Sunday Amatures

1980   Peter Nuich                            38                                Sunday Amatures

1981   Graeme Yukich                      45                                Sunday Amatures

1982   Dennis Andrijich                    114                             Sunday Amatures

1983   Mark Botica                           49                                Sunday Amatures

1984   Brian Bozich                          61                                WAAFL                                  D Grade

1985   Troy Bozich                            110                             WAAFL                                  D Grade

1986   Troy Bozich                            35                                WAAFL                                  C Grade

1987   Graeme Yukich                      63                                WAAFL                                  C Grade

1988   Troy Bozich                            76                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1989   Troy Bozich                            42                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1990   Graeme Yukich                      90                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1991   Troy Bozich                            93                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1992   Troy Bozich                            70                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1993   Mario Pisano                         27                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

            Jamie McCue

1994   Mario Pisano                         51                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1995   Adam Matson                        72                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

1996   Adam Matson                        48                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

1997   Clint Hampson                       55                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

1998   Clint Hampson                       43                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

1999   Mark Saliacus                       44                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2000   Jamie Pollock                        33                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2001   Jamie Pollock                        77                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2002   Philip Kenney                        20                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2003   Andrew Davini                       28                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2004   David Johnston                     78                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2005   Andrew Davini                       34                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2006   Jeremy Polich                        31                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2007   Bayden Sutton                       28                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2008   Jeremy Polich                        58                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2009   Jeremy Polich                        53                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2010   Brent McPherson                  57                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2011   Jeremy Polich                        43                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2012   Jeremy Polich                        42                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2013   Jeremy Polich                        42                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2014   Aaron Russell                        41                                WAAFL                                  A Grade

2015   Gavin Munt                             54                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2016   Jeremy Polich                        53                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

2017   Jeremy Polich                        41                                WAAFL                                  B Grade

        Best Clubman




Past Player and Supporters

In 2019 the Swan Athletic Football Club is inviting you to become part of the Past Players & Supporters Club in 2019 where you will become part of a exclusive and unique group at the Sporting Club.

Click on the link below for more information

Past Players & Supporters


2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

The club offers a range of opportunities and sponsorship categories ranging from investments of $600 right through to sponsor level at $5,000, which are the primary levels of support sponsorship alongside major sponsorship partners with the club.

Contact Steve Bertoli  0400 401 146, Michael Yukich 0419 837 736 for more information on sponsorship.

Click on the link for sponsorship packages 2018 Sponsorship



Swan Athelic Football Club

Coaching Announcements for 2019

Jai Menegola - Senior Coach

 - Reserves Coach

Jason Borg - Colts Coach

Sam Cavicchio - E Grade Coach

2018 Club Handbook

The Swan Athletic Football Club 2018 Club Handbook can be view by clicking the link below.

Swan Athletic Football Club 2018 Club Handbook


Members and visitors to the club are reminded to adhere to all street parking signs and not park across footpaths or our neighbours driveways.  The City of Swan may issue infringement notices for these offences.

You are also requested to please place any rubbish in bins and to not litter the verge outside the club.

The Swan Athletic Sporting Club thanks you for your co-operation.












Gath Bates

Michael Scarfone

Tom Dawson

Paul Andrijich

Sam Cavicchio

Jeremy Polich

Clinton Bomford

Jason Toogood

Jamie Sharman

Major Sponsors

Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsors

Twin Hills Winery

Shane & Troy Bozich

GJT Consulting

United Crate Cooperative

Dezire Studios

Woodbridge Hotel

Alvaro & Co

Mobile Dewatering

Ellenbrook Physiotherapy

Slater Gartrell Sports

Woodbridge Vineyards

Peter & Jenny Nuich

Dezzy's Dry Cleaners

Centrepoint Pizza

Michael Yukich

Swan River Thoroughbreds

Ross Scarfone Real Estate

Soils aint Soils

Check the WAAFL website via the link above to check on the boys progress.

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